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Genealogy Field Trip - Day 3

All good things must come to an end...and this field trip is no different. As I sit here writing, I'm back at home and already back into my role as "ma! mom!" and "mommy!" But my mind...although tired from a day of research and mind is still in Steuben County, NY.

There was no rush to jump into things today. The library I was planning on going to didn't open until noon. Added to that - it was pouring rain when I woke up, so any cemetery excursions were going to be put on hold until I could tell if the weather would co-operate with my plans. For one last morning I got to be lazy...lying in bed watching a movie, and doing a little more "pre-research" via the internet. Eventually,the weather finally broke and I checked out of my was time to head out to South Dansville and check in on my ancestors.

I have yet to go to my ancestor's cemeteries the same way twice. It's not that I don't know where they are,…

Genealogy Field Trip - Day 2

Today, it was time to get dusty and dirty in courthouse records. But, I was ready and stocked with my genealogy staples of Mt. Dew and Oreos...

My first stop was the county clerk...the upstairs office where all of the old records are kept. It's also the office where one can obtain gun permits for Steuben County, so if nothing else it makes for an interesting parade of people in and out of the office.

In front of me were stacks of index books. Stacks and stacks of index books. Dating from 1796. Oy. I had my work cut out for me today. By the time I was finished with the index books I had 54 property deeds to look up that listed a Hulbert ancestor as the "grantee" or "grantor". Immediately I decided there was just no way that I was going to have the time to look up all 54 of these. I opted instead to focus on my direct ancestors, or those who I had not known much about until now.

The last time I was in this office, I distinctly remember photocopying a land de…

Genealogy Field Trip - Day 1

At 8 o'clock on Thursday morning I set off for some much needed "me" time. I wanted to arrive at about 10:00 in Bath, NY and get right to work in the county historian's office.

The drive was fabulous as always - not that the weather was that great, it was actually snowing as I began to drive through the rolling hills of the souther tier. But I love this part of my state. If it weren't for the fact that it's so far.....out there...away from civilization as I know it, I'd consider living there. But such as it's my place to get away and try to "get in touch" with family roots.

The day was productive. The county historian had records that I had not had access to before, so new information was found - things I had no idea about. So it was an exciting day, even if it (like always) led me to an entire new set of questions.

After an early dinner, I decided to check out the Bath National Cemetery. After all, I was done with my scheduled p…