Thrive Experience

(Mr. D. and myself were both given 4-day sample packs to try out this Thrive product.  I mentioned to him that we should try doing it together to see how we each might react differently.  After 4 days of waiting for the green light that he was ready to try this, he was still sitting stalled at the starting block.  Therefore I announced to him that my 4-day sample had turned into an 8 day sample, and I  confiscated his sample pack.  What follows are my notes about my first 4 days...)

Day #1:
Today, I woke up at my normal time, in my normal manner, and I felt the slightest twinge of an oncoming headache as I dragged myself to the shower. "Dragged" being the key word.  I don't do mornings, and I certainly don't foresee "Thriving" in the mornings.  While I was in the shower I suddenly remembered the capsule I was supposed to take to start this whole process.  A single capsule filled with possibly more vitamins and nutrients than I normally consume in an entire day - possibly an entire week.  A capsule that I'm supposed to ingest with a full glass of water  - on an empty stomach.

(Who drinks a whole glass of water as their first daily intake?) 

Today I did....and that alone was a big step for me.  If nothing else, I drank one entire glass of water for the day. One glass down, multiple glassfuls to go (I certainly don't foresee that happening either - water is boring...I prefer bubbles!  And flavor!!).

I could have also had one of the shake mixes this morning - but again, that was also to be done on an empty stomach, 20-40 minutes after the capsule...and I just wasn't prepared to spend that kind of time trying to stomach a new "shake" on an empty stomach prior to finally being able to eat breakfast.  (**Note to self: take capsule as soon as I wake up, and drink the shake after my shower.)

Here's what I've noticed today:
8:45 - starting my day at work, outside, and greeting children as they come to school.  And oddly enough, singing a jazzy little tune in my head and tapping the beat out on my thigh in between students.  (There may also have been a moment where I very nearly skipped a few steps ...maybe.)

Was this it? Was I really "Thriving" already?  Or was it the warm morning, the sun peaking through the clouds and the fact that I live in Buffalo and didn't have to wear a coat this morning?  Who knows.  But it was a good start to the day.

Between 9:15 and 11:00 I was flying around work, very busy.    About 11:00 I remembered thinking, "headache is getting worse, should really take something."  Of course I had nothing with me to take, and given there was a little caffeine already in the capsule I'd taken, I wasn't sure Excedrin Migraine with it's add'l caffeine was the best idea....

I will say for certain that this headache was NOT a Thrive issue, since my head was hurting when I woke up this morning - my eating habits were thrown off, and then there was that pizza party with 36 kids in a classroom that happened.  

Yeah, anybody would get a headache from that.

Day #2:
Another full glass of water, another capsule.  This morning I added the shake mix to the routine.  The package said to mix with 8-10oz of water or milk.  I went with milk because I had already had a full glass of water with the capsule - you know, mixing it up for varieties sake!

Gotta be honest - It was like drinking a glassful of cake batter.

Remember -  I like sweets, and I like lots of "crap" that just isn't good for me.  You might think drinking straight cake batter would be delicious - well you would also be VERY surprised.

Anyway, I got about 80% of it down before it started coming back up on my last try.  Eh...80% more vitamins and nutrients is better than nothing right??  I ate a bowl of cereal, and went on to work - I wasn't singing to myself today, but I was still going along - it's Friday!!

My lunch that day consisted of a skinny little 1/3 slice of pizza and a "thumb-sized" eclair and another whole 10 oz of water (really need to drink more water, I know!!)  Oddly enough, I was satisfied with that.

That evening I had a school event that I needed to set up for, so I missed dinner - but I didn't really "miss" having dinner - I wasn't hungry until after I got home at 9:30pm.

Today's Observation:  The afternoon exhaustion did kick in again - so I'm definitely not Thriving at 4:00 in the afternoon.

Day #3:
Bumped myself up to two capsules today.  I had sat a glass of water out last night so it would be room temp and easier to drink first thing this morning.  Hubby, in his anxiety to clean up the kitchen before work, dumped it out.  Another day, drinking ice cold water first thing on an empty stomach.

I debated how in the world I would stomach today's shake.  What I discovered is that the vanilla shake mixed with water is just as bad as yesterday's cake batter mixed with milk.  Note to self....pick up bananas at grocery store to make this go down easier.  Or maybe an alcoholic beverage??  There was no way I was going to be able to drink a glass of this stuff down again, so I "cheated".  I thought that I was supposed to drink the stuff on an empty stomach, but  I made toast to accompany it. Actually, I burnt toast (unintentionally - but at least I'll be really thirsty!!).

Unfortunately, the burnt toast method did NOT work.  At all.  And I'm not just saying that this mix just tasted too horrible to drink.  I'm saying that when it comes back up, there's just no making it go down again.  So, tomorrow I will try the chocolate mix (because isn't chocolate always better?), and a banana...and some Hershey's syrup maybe.  (KIDDING!!)  I still have a few vanilla packets left, so I will definitely be researching recipes on how to help that flavor go down a little easier.

I've set a goal to drink 4 glasses of water today - I already have one down thanks to my capsule intake this morning...and now my glass of water is sitting on my counter - almost mocking me.  I know that four 8-oz glasses of water is not even close to what I'm supposed to be drinking, but I think this is a very attainable goal for me, considering that I normally drink NO water.  Repeat after me:
"32 ounces is better than none." 

Today's Observation:  I'm not craving crap that I normally like to eat.  I'm drinking water, and I'm not craving the usual junk.  Semi-impressed!!

(And a bonus...YES, I did drink all glasses of water!!)

Starting the day with my 2 Capsules and a full glass of water, and switching things up this morning with the CHOCOLATE shake mix.

Whomever it was that said chocolate makes everything better (maybe that was me?), was absolutely right.  The chocolate concoction was sooooo much easier going down than the vanilla.

I also have this patch thing on my shoulder.  The instructions read that I was to apply it to a lean portion of my body.  That took some creativity as I'm not sure that there is a lean portion on my body!!

Today's Observation: On Sundays I am usually extremely hungry well before the time my church lets out, as well as very irritable by the time I get home - you know..."HANGRY".  However, as I was  writing today's update, dinner is on the grill and yes, I'm hungry - because it's 1:00pm and it's time to eat! But I'm not hungry AND irritable at the same time.  Big difference - just ask my family ;)

Repeating the 4 glasses of water challenge for myself today was a little tougher, but I made it through three of them.

After 8 days, the biggest differences that I've noticed (as already mentioned) are that I'm drinking more water and I'm not craving the "convenient-yet-horrible-for-me" foods.  I've decided to stay on this for a little while longer to help establish these better habits for myself.  So I'm giving it 4 more weeks.  It's been said that it takes 28 days to form a habit.

Game on!