We Still Refuse

I have had a number of people message me asking me about this year's state assessments that our children are scheduled to take beginning next week.  After all, NY State has been trying really hard to make sure that we know they've heard parent's concerns, that they've made changes, and they would like us to trust them.

I blindly trusted NY State 5 years ago, with the implementation of the Common Core Standards when they began building their freaking airplane while it was still in the air.

No More. 

I trust my children's teachers who are the true educators.  I trust them to be able to make thoughtful and accurate decisions regarding my children and what they are learning.  I can not trust individuals who are so far removed from the classroom that they're unaware of what is happening in the classroom from one day to the next.  I can not trust a system that has not yet proven itself and by its own admission has been full of mistakes, confusion, and inappropriate standards.

This is why my children are refusing NY State Assessments...AGAIN.  Yes, there is a new test vendor.  A vendor who has yet to prove themselves worthy, and who is currently relying on the previous vendor's question bank.  Yes there are less questions, but removing a single reading passage along with a small handful of questions that were developmentally inappropriate to begin with is just not enough.  I can not trust you, NY State, when your system is still one big guessing game that you're just holding your breath... hoping it might work.

Still Refusing in NY State,