8 October 1944

What does a soldier in training do when the girl he loves is not feeling well?  He sends her mail to cheer her up, of course! But what does he do when he gets word from home that the girl he loves is not only sick but has been admitted to the hospital?  There's not much he can do. Except worry.  And continue to write and remind her of his love - even if that meant multiple letters in one day.  One that was written early afternoon, and another that was written that evening.

I love you darling

My Dearest Darling
     Oh honey I am so blue and broke up I don't know what to say but maybe I can think of something. I had written a pretty big letter to you yesterday and was just ready to mail it when I received Mother's letter saying you was in the hospital. I hope you have went through the worse part and feeling better by now. In that letter I wrote you yesterday I warned you about taking care of yourself. I guess there wasn't much use in sending it now but honey I did send it. I went into town as soon as I got mother's letter and wired you a couple of flowers and went and got a few littel pictures for you. I also got my tatoo last night honey. I decided it was about time. I promised you I would get it a long time ago. I know you won't like these pictures honey as I needed a shave but I did shathve this morn. and I will try to send you some more pictures tomorrow that look a littel more like yours truley.
     Honey you don't know how much I would give to be with you. I love you so very very much darling. After I get my furlough honey you will be with me where ever I am at and that's for sure. Where ever I am you will be, we may go hungry but we'll go hungry together. They say everything is for the best, you hurry up and get well sweetheart and maybe you will feel better in a lot of ways. We sure have had some tough breaks but I told you once darling that together we could whip the world and we can.
     My two buddies Jimmy and "Dink" are sitting here on my bunk talking about buying rings. I sure wish I had the money to get your some ones. Darling I have heard some wonderful news if it is true and I believe it is. I will get fifteen days at home besides traveling time. Won't that be swell honey? You will probably be going home in a couple of days angel and when you get there I don't want you to do like Caroline did. I want you to take care of yourself. If you feel like it darling we will really have some fun. I wrote dad here awhile back and ask him if the Plymouth was in good enough shape for a honeymoon. I don't imagine we will be useing that car though.
     Dearest why didn't you tell me you were going to the hospital, I know why, you were afraid it would worry me and as always you were right.
     Darling after you look at these pictures tell me, just what has Clark Gable got that I haven't? HaHa You littel angel don't you dare answer that. Sweetheart I love you so very much. Now darling if there is anything you can think of out here that you would like to have you just let me know. If there is anything back there you want you just have someone get it for you and don't worry about it, we will pay for it.
     I don't know why but I just can't keep my eyes off of my tatoo. It is a heart with an arrow thru it and your name written across it and it has four stars. The heart is red and the rest of it is blue.
     Well angel you keep pitching and don't worry we will win in the end. If there is some way I can call you at the hospital let me know darling and I will if there isn't I will call you as soon as you get home. Well my one and only I will close for now and go to town and get you some civilized pictures. Don't you try to write me sweetheart till you get able I will understand. I! Love! You!

First, Last, and Always


My Dearest Darling:
     Sweetheart I just came back from town and decided the only way I could possibly sleep would be to write you first. It is a little after nine now. I hope this finds you feeling really good. I went to the show while I was in town honey, and I seen Betty Grable in "Pin up Girl" It was a good show but every time I do something like that I just want you all the more. The next camp I get in I won't mind going to shows for every show I go to you will be by my side. I guess maybe it is a good thing you didn't come out here the way things turned out but I still wish now that you had.
     I told you this morning I would you some more pictures darling and I did, but I hate to send them to you for they don't look anymore like me than the others did. I don't know why I look like I was always drunk in my pictures but I do. I quit my drinking a week ago today. Some of the boys tried to get me to take a drink last nite they said it might make me feel a littel better. But I knew better and so they didn't insist.
     I suppose you have been pretty blue today darling. I hope you have felt good enough to be blue, that doesn't make sense I know but I hope you understand what I mean. I know you will too honey for you always do. THere is some talk going around about us going out on the desert tomorrow, I sure hope we don't. It doesn't make much difference though for I will write you every day honey if I have to walk into camp. How long do you have to be in the hospital darling?
     You know I just found out something about the state of Texas, it is really quite a wonderful state after all I guess. I mean it has more rivers and less water, more cows and less milk, and you can look farther and see less than any statein the union. Oh boy what a state.
     Sweetheart I love you so much and want to be with you so bad I know what to do. Well my littel blond angel I guess I had better sign off for tonite and go over and try to get some sleep. Now don't forget darling, don't try to answer my letters till you get to feeling better. I don't want you to do anything that might possibly delay your getting well real quick. If you think you feel like getting up one day just put it off for another day. You have a lot of things to do and a lot of places to go when I get so I want you to be feeling at your best and you may have a long train ride too if they ship me back out west again. That's one ride I won't mind for you will be at my side.
     Well Sweetheart I have to say, "G'nite dearest" I Love You.

First, Last, and Always