27 July 1944

(The next letter from our soldier to his sweetheart - typed here "as is")

Thurs. Even

My Darling:
     Just a few more lines to the sweetest and dearest littel thing in the world.  Hope you are feeling as good as you was one nite when you were in my company at a certain skating rink.  I will never forget that nite how could I when I have something as wonderful as you to always be reminding me of it.  Everytime I look at your picture I think of how we started our future we ought to have a good ending for we sure had a hell of a beginning. 
     Honey I believe I must be slipping I didn't get a line today from anyone.  But it is no wonder because I can't find time to write anyone but you.  If I have my way you will always come first so I am not complaining.  Hon I don't know any news so please excuse me if my letters don't sound very interesting.   I have been out on the rifle range just about all day.  I was on the machine guns for awhile this morning but as soon as we got them cleaned we had to start in messing with those darn rifles.  I don't know for sure what it is all about but they took some of us guys over to the speriscopic specialist training school and gave us a test there was for of us that passed it out of about twenty.  I don't know if I was lucky or not but I suppose I will before long.  This damn Army is going to give me the big head if it keeps on.  I sure would like to get the tripel A though instead of just the double A.  The tripel A stands for Advanced Anti Aircraft.  I will get you some pictures honey if I go to town over the weekend.  I sure hope I get a pass sat nite and it looks like mabey I might.  You probably wouldn't know me now I have got so brown and a littel larger also. 
     Hey toots guess what, Oh don't bother I will tell you.  I get paid Monday.  Look out Converse here I come.  Wish I could.  I wonder if I am the only one that does.  Well, darling it's the same old storey Jimmy wants me to go to the show again.  I want to tell you something everytime I tell you I am going to a show don't think I am going to town for we have six theaters here on the post.  I didn't know if you knew that or not and I know you wouldn't like the idea of me going to town that often.   Well dearest this is just your littel private and I mean Just Yours.  First. Last. and Always.

Signing off for now with all my love.  Write soon dear as I know I can't have you with me for a while yet your letters mean everything to me.  Good nite dearest, I love you more than you'll ever know.