22 July 1944

The #1 song at the time was sung by Bing Crosby ~ "I'll Be Seeing You"

Ft. Bliss, Tex

My Darling:
     Well darling I will start you another letter.  Jimmy just went down to take a shower and then I guess we are going to the last show if we have time.  I got another letter from you at the evening mail call and you talk as if you might be getting a littel disgusted with me.  But I sure can't blame you I know I didn't do you right I should have taken time to of dropped you at least a line or two and I promise to do better from now on.  I received your money and those seven wonderful letters today.  Who did you borrow the money off of?  Dearest I love you so much.  I will never be able to repay you for all you have done for me.
     Honey in my letter from mother she told me Sherry was home.  I will enclose letter and you can read it for yourself.  But you don't need to worry I made my decision along time ago as you know and I am going to have you nothing would or could ever change my mind.  After I write Sherry I have a feeling she will change her mind about coming out here.  I intend to make it very very plain that I have the perfect girl and that I don't want know part of her.  I am going to write a letter just like you did here awhile back only I'm afraid it won't be as nice. 

     Well you littel angel here I is back again.  It is about 8:30 Sun. morning.  Jimmy has gone to church.  He is a Catholic and he wanted me to go along.  Sometimes I think I should join something like that. 
     Dearest you seem to do a lot of worrying about me going out with some girl please don't ever think things like that.  I have heard a lot about these girls out here and my future means too much to me to do anything like that.  I know you wouldn't go with anybody, that alone is enough to make me contented and if it wasn't for that I still wouldn't mess around with these kind of girls.  I'm not stuck up or anything but the best of girls aren't to good for me and as I have the best being true to me the least I can do is be true to her.  It won't be very long till we will be together and if it was going to be ten years as long as I knew you were waiting I would wait.  Well dear as I have to enclose that letter from mother I will close this letter and start you another. 
     As I still am and always will be yours First. Last. and Always.

This place is full of love and kisses for the only girl in the world as far as I am concerned.