17 September 1944

**There was a large gap in the dates of the collected letters, I have to think that many letters were missing.  The next dated letter comes from our soldier's grandmother. (My Great-great grandmother!) I personally love this little piece of correspondance that I have from her.  She speaks of Georgia and Aunt Opal, both aunts of his, and Bud being the brother of the girls.

Bement, Ill
Sun nite

Hello sugar, how are you?  Hope you are fine.  I have one of those colds I grab every winter but I started early this time to avoid the rush.  We are having grand weather.  Georgia is in Ft. Wayne, she is working.  If you have time write your aunt Opal.  Her address is RR 4 Tucson Ariz.  she was wondering why she had not heard from you.  Bud R isn't getting much better and Opal is working in a office.  Poor kid, it has been an awful job for her as Bud never was sick and this worry must keep Opal up set. 
I hope it isn't so hot down ther by you, or does Texas ever cool off.  I am here alone my renters moved to Decatur. 
Well honey the way our boys are going I think this war will soon be over I am sure hoping so just keep your chin up, and take time to write me for I think of you every day and every  night.  They are giving news now, they are giving old Hitlers H---.  I hope they get him while they are at it for they are right there now.
Well honey I am going to retire.  Write me soon for I worry if I don't hear from you.  Gobs of love and a good nite kiss to my big soldier boy.