13 July 1944

**Today's letter included a little secret message on the envelope that I've never been able to decode:

"D.D.C.Y.K.B.M" - I believe it may be "Darling Dottie"
...but I don't know what the rest stands for.
  "Can You Keep Being Mine"?  "Can You Kiss Bulldog Monkeys"? 
Any ideas or creative suggestions?  Leave a comment! :)
My Darling Littel Angel:
     Just a hurried line to let you know where I am at and where you will probably be able to find me in case you want me in the next four mojnths. The reason I am in such a hurry I want to write mother and I haven't much time and I had to write you first because this is the most important. I could put hers off for a couple of days but I need three of four dollars right away if you have it hon. Now don't you wish you had picked soemone besides me about nine months ago. It looks as if that skating trip is going to be pretty damn expensive don't it. But hon, please believe me when I say I will pay it all back with interest some day before to long I hope.
     I am in the anti-aircraft out where the men are men and the women waiting on them back home are glad of it. I told you I would go to Texas didn't I. I will have 14 weeks of Basic training starting on Mon. I am just 5 mile from El Paso and 6 mile from the Mexico Border. They got me in quaranteen again for 2 wks then I can start in getting passes if I know my general orders and I already know them. But passes won't do me much good and you know why so I won't have to tell you. If I stay here in a couple of months when it gets a littel cooler you and mother are going to move to Calf. or somewhere out here closer to me or I am going to quit this job of mine and I don't think I will do that. Darling since I am out here we are going to have to get married before I get my Basic over with because I am afraid if we don't I will wake up in Japan one of these mornings and honey I am going to have more than anybody else in the world to come home to and I do mean you. Dearest I don't know what I am going to do with out you. I would gladly take the infantry if they would only put me closer to you and I wouldn't gripe a damn bit about walking 25 miles if I had to do it every day. Although I do believe I am going to like the A.A. Especially after I get an arm full of stripes. That's another laugh ain't it.
     I suppose I have got a lot of mail at Fort Benj. by now sure do wish it was here. I have about got all your letters worn out reading them so many times. Please write often now dear I don't know where when or how I will find time to answer them but I will do it some way. Tell Don that I suppose it will be a couple of more days now before I get to write him but I will as soon as possible. Is Helen and Scotty both with him? Say Toots if you don't send me those pictures pretty soon I am coming after them. (Wish I could) I would rather be with you than have all the pictures that ever was or ever will be, But I am anxious to get those. I suppose Skinner is still in Ohio isn't she? How is sis getting along with her love affairs. O.K. I hope. Tell her to write me. I am not with any of the gang I was at Harrison mainly because I was the only one out of my barracks that came out here. Tell Roy the first trip he gets to El Paso to stop in and we'll have a beer on him as usual. I sure wish I was there shooting the bull with him if I lived to be a thousand I don't think I would ever forget them two Lane boys. Send me Nettie's address and mabey someday I will find time to write her. How has mom been feeling, O.K. I hope, give her a big kiss for me and tell her I could stand some of those old lines of hers also. I wish I could find someone to give you a kiss Darling but by the time you get all I have saved up for you, you never will want another kiss. It is coming up a hell of a storm sure wish you were here to worry about me or would it be the other way around? Either way I wish you were here. Well wishing won't do any good or I would of been out of the army by now so guess I will close for this time. More later as usual. I am yours First, Last, and Always.

Tell everyone Hello and don't forget to kiss mom for me. Honey I love you more every day and I always will don't forget it. Please answer soon and not just on account of the money although I do need it. As much as I hate to I guess I will have to say G'nite dearest to the sweetest littel thing in the world. Sweet dreams my love.