11 July 1944

**Today's letter was addressed to our soldier, as usual, at his Ft. Benjamin Harrison address.  That address had been crossed out, and stamped  to:

Ft. Bliss, Texas

The Army had separated our loved ones even more.  What once was a 60 mile distance in the same state between the two, had now grown to a 1,500 miles chasm through the states of Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas all the way to the Mexican border.  As she wrote this letter, she had no knowledge yet of where her love had been sent.

My Darling Sweetheart,
     Here I am as usual, So lonesome I can hardly stand it and no bright remarks honey I can't lay down to it either.  I mean cause I'm lonesome.  Darn it all anyway honey I've been in this darn old bed for a week now.  But as soon as I get them x-rays taken I hope I won't have to stay in bed.  Gosh honey I miss you so much and I love you too.  Yes I do.  But I don't suppose you'll believe me.  I'm still writing not knowing where you are or nothing.  I got a card from your mother today telling me she got the telegrahm ok.  She wrote it yesterday and said she got a letter from you.  I'm hoping this finds you feeling fine honey.  My leg hurts pretty bad.   Worse than it ever did, I guess some people have got the impression that I'm laying here because I'm to lazy to do anything else.  Gertie got a letter from Jim today.  His is some where in England.  Mother went to lodge tonite I went last Tuesday. Same thing like it's always been.  You know how old women are when they get together.  
     You know that guy called Bunk?  Well he is working for Basil and Scottie goes with him to make Don jealous. Honey I guess marriage is what you make of it, and if I can possibly do so mine will be the right kind.  I just can't see this running around with some one else and always having trouble, it just isn't right.  So many young couples marry and the first thing you know some things gone wrong.  I may be young in fact I am but I know it isn't right to live like some people do.  If you get what I mean.  Say honey I'd still like to know what you had in your pocket book that Sunday that was so personal that I couldn't see it.  You may not of had a letter in there But I dread the thought of you getting letters from Sherry or any other girl.  I know maybe I shouldn't be this way But it can't be helped.  Honey I'm going to close for tonite cause the bugs around the lite are bothering me.  Sweet dreams Dearest I love you Darling and I wish you were here to kiss me goodnite and  - oh well, goodnite Darling.

     This is Wedsnday morning Dearest and I just received your letter.  I feel like bursting out in tears for some reason.  Here all along I thought you'd left Saturday cause that's why you never came home.  This letter will make three of them I'm sending out today.  I don't know yet where you'll be when you get these. But I'm going to send them to Ft. harrison.  Darling how can I tell you how your letter made me feel.  You know once I told you I had a lumpt in my throat and a pain around my heart.  I guess thats the way it is now.  Only you aren't here for me to put my arms around you and kiss you.  I just oh honey I'm going to cry.  I love you so much and honey I sure do miss you.  I feel so sorry for you having to stay in that darn old place.  I'm pretty sure honey when you get away from Ft. Benj. you'll like the army a little better anyway.  I wish it were so I could be with you every nite.  Well honey maybe it won't be long till what we both want will happen.  Honey if there is any way possible will we get our little house like I've always wanted? 
     Honey it's about 8:30 and every body in bed.  Of course Le Roy and his Dad were up and now gone to tend to the horses.  Thoat's how I got your letter.  When I get this finished I'm going to call Gertie and see if she will go mail these letters.  There are three of them.  I would of written you more, But I thought surely you'd get shipped before now.  It rained a little last night and it looks like rain today.  Thank God cause we really  need rain. 
     Say honey it sure didn't take you long to eat chow.  Only 15 minutes.  Honey maybe the food they feed you isn't so good.  But please take your time eating and Darling you aren't going to H --- when you die.  You shouldn't say things like that.  Honey I love you and wether you believe me or not I don't know.  But Darling I do.  
     Honey you asked who Erma was I though you knew who I meant any way it's Francis's little sister I think she is 12 so don't go getting any ideas.  Remember me.  Darling I am staying off my feet, In bed all the time.  But I'm going to get up this afternoon cause I've got to go to the Dr. and fill out some Insurance papers.  I get to go to Peru Hospital and I'm sure glad of that cause I know that Dr. over there and I don't know any of them in marion.  You'd think I was going to have a critical operation or something as much trouble as I've got to go to.  Be in one of them beds at least one night.  I'll let you know as soon as I find out what shows up.  Probably tell me I'm to heavy to be on my feet and they aren't strong enough to hold me up.  Yes Darling I hope there is some way of curing my leg.  But what do I keep telling you about it.  Darling I guess maybe it's because your the only one who ever listens to me.  I was so mad at you last nite I could of rung your neck if I'd of found you.  I was dreaming again.  I thought we went to a fair or something and you run off from me and I didn't have the money to pay my way in.  So I sneaked in and was caught.  Just then Daddy woke me up and he must of been the who had a hold of me. 
     Honey this is all the stationary I have right now.  So I'll try and get some up town this afternoon and write you again.  But Darling listen, you've got to believe me, please don't be afraid of me changing my mind.  Yes honey I remember what you said that day in the park too. It just sounded like if I quit you, you wouldn't give a hoot.  You'd go on having your fun.  Believe me honey if any thing like that would happen, I don't think I'd be worth much for some time. But also Darling I remember lots of other sweet things you told me.  But it's funny how you wouldn't let up on the subject of getting married.  From the time I got there till I left I think you really wanted an answer.  I'll never forget the first time you aske me to marry you.  You just kept asking me over and over. Like I told you, you should of knocked me in the head and as you said say "I do" for the both of us.  Sorry Honey you've not gotten any letters from me the first of this week.  But really Darling I thought you would be shipped out before now cause you said Friday over the phone you were pretty sure you'd be shipping the next day.  Well Dearest I'll close for now and see if I can get Gertie up to go mail these.  So long Darling with love from your little to-be-wife. 

I'll always remember you love me and try to do the same for me Darling.

Your Darling Little Sweetheart