Oops...Commercial Break

If you're following along with my family this month, I'm sorry to report that you're going to have to wait for the latest installment.  Don't worry...I WILL write it, and the reason behind the delay really is a very good reason!

I pulled out the family file for the next ancestor that I was hoping to introduce.  Inside the file, I found photocopies from a family history that a cousin had written some time ago.  Since obtaining those pages, I had actually purchased her books for myself, so I proceeded to pull them out and look up the family.

I was completely blown away - to say the very least.

I found where my ancestor's family, the family of a 2nd wife, and yet one other family line all come together in some crazy weird way.  Granted,it's kind-of cool to be able to trace your way back to an ancestor through two different people in your family, but when it happens with three people, and you just weren't expecting it...

Wow!  Completely blown away at the moment.  And I have a lot of reading to catch up on that I had completely overlooked previously to sort this out as easily and as simply as possible.

Stay tuned, family readers.  We will return to your previously scheduled program as quickly as possible.