Finally! A Useful App

First, I was able to go "mobile" with my genealogy when the laptop was placed in my lap.

And although yes, very handy to be able to take with me on my genealogy field trips, sometimes...even it can be a bit much.  There are also times when I'm thinking, reading, talking to someone, and a question will pop up about this or that ancestor of mine.

Yes, definately needed a smartphone app...and finally there is one. came through and released an app for iPhone and Android phones, and voila!!

...It took a few days to get the kinks worked out, but my tree is up and running and if you ever run into me on the street, and would like to know the line of relationship between - oh, say my 2nd cousin once removed and myself...I'll be happy to show you...on my phone...because I can now.

Have a fantastic weekend!!