Changing things up a bit...

In preparation for next month's family history writing challenge, I decided to set my blog up to reflect my writings and hopefully keep me inspired, and in turn...keep me writing!

The photo at the top is of my grandparents, taken the spring after they were married in 1935.  I wrote about them a few years ago here.   They are my inspiration for what I hope to write about next month, namely, my maternal side of the family - The Parrish's.

Now I need your help.  If you're reading...and I KNOW you're out there...please leave a comment on this post and let me know if my page is readable, easy on the eyes (text size, color), etc....  Basically if there is anything that makes you squint or cringe to view my blog page (Other than the actual content, of course!).  I really do value the few readers I have (though I suspect there are a few quiet readers out there), and I want to make sure that you actually want to come back and read what I'm writing.

I'm so looking forward to February and introducing you to more of the family!



Anonymous said…
Page looks great. Easy on the eyes and easy to read.