12 Days of Christmas...Revisited

I promise, this one is not another wishlist as the previous "12 Days" entry.  This is, however, one of those "Things my kids do" entries...be forewarned.  There's also the possibility of this entry falling into the Too Much Information (TMI) category.  Again.  Be forewarned.

This morning, I did what I always do - I made my move to jump in the shower.  This move is always preceded with instructions for the monkey children to have eaten breakfast and to be dressed by the time I get out.  (otherwise they tend to become lazy sloths all day...have to keep them on their toes!)  But once I close that bathroom door, it becomes my little haven for that short amount of time.  No children, no bickering, no shouts of "Mom!..."

Until one little monkey barges in and interrupts my alone time...And that is exactly what one little monkey did to me this morning.

He's 5 years old...it's a one bathroom house...it's bound to happen occasionally, and it happened this morning.  "Just have to poop mom!"  {sigh} Okay lil' dude, do what you need to.  And as I washed, and conditioned, and lathered, and rinsed....he sat there, and sat there, and sat there...until before long, I heard his little voice...

"On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me - a partridge in a pear tree!!"

I smirked to myself.  How cute!  He proceeded on to day two, struggled for a second to remember what his true love had given to him, but still managed to get it out.

(On a side note - In Kindergarten, the "12 Days" are a very big deal to learn and memorize.  I knew I needed to encourage this little potty concert that I was getting.)

Day 3's gift was also a little slow in coming out, so I knew that by the time Day 4 arrived, he would need a little help....

And so began our own little "12 Days" performance....Lil' dude and I singing a duet from Day 4, the princess who came running in time for Day 5, joined us in the hallway singing outside the bathroom door, and by the time Day 6 came around, D-man was inserting from the family room his own "ba-dum-dum-dum" after each round of 5 golden rings (you know, from the Muppet's rendition of the song).  And yes...we did go all the way through all 12 days like that.  Me in the shower, my lil' dude on the toilet, and the other two in the hallway and from the other side of the house.

And that was my smile for the day.

A continued Merry Christmas to you my fellow blog readers - and if you feel like breaking out into your favorite Christmas carol, by all means - feel free to join our bathroom chorus....but from your own commode please.