Florence, Massachusetts Update

I'm thrilled, ecstatic, and excitedly anxious to report an update regarding the nightmare of a map that I've been trying to transcribe of landowners from Florence, Massachusetts in 1754.

I found a new copy of the map!!

Okay, actually it was found for me, and I am beyond grateful for it! I knew this website existed, but I had never paid very close attention to it before. Poor oversite on my part, I know.

Well, thanks to my special genealogy angel letting me know what I failed to see for myself, I now have a digital copy of the map - actually, the entire book that the map appears in - on my computer. Yes, I need to make a back-up copy of it...and I will, at some point, some time in the future.

Right now I'm just giddy over the discovery, and I am hard at work making a transcribed, typed copy of the map to be included in my family history book.

I wonder what the aforementioned angel would consider to be an adequate payment for this discovery? Oreos? Mt. Dew? Hershey Bar? (What? I'd splurge for the King size!)