Florence, Massachusetts

My writing has taken a detour...no, not even a detour. It's a full-on road block. All because of this monster of a map. It's evil. Just look at it! I know that I'm looking at it the right direction, because the heading is at the top of the page. And yet...the left side property owners are all upside down. The right side property owners are all facing sideways.

Forget getting dizzy trying to turn the page in whichever direction you're reading. It's actually trying to read the thing that gives me a headache. It's just a monster.

But this is where I'm at in my family history narrative and I can't move forward until I get this map out of the way.

I've found my ancestor's lands that were owned on the map - easy breezy. But I have to wonder if there aren't other researchers out there like me, who aren't so lucky to be able to decipher the handwriting? Wouldn't I love to find this map alongside a new one...redone, transcribed...to be able to read all of the names that are on it, and not just a few?

(Okay, well I would - I can only hope others would to.)

So I'm stuck in the mid-18th century. And the writer in me is clammoring to move forward. Maybe I should, but I know this is still going to be waiting for me to come back to.

I wish ol' William Hulbert were here to talk me through all of his old neighbors.