Genealogy Field Trip - Day 2

Today, it was time to get dusty and dirty in courthouse records. But, I was ready and stocked with my genealogy staples of Mt. Dew and Oreos...

My first stop was the county clerk...the upstairs office where all of the old records are kept. It's also the office where one can obtain gun permits for Steuben County, so if nothing else it makes for an interesting parade of people in and out of the office.

In front of me were stacks of index books. Stacks and stacks of index books. Dating from 1796. Oy. I had my work cut out for me today. By the time I was finished with the index books I had 54 property deeds to look up that listed a Hulbert ancestor as the "grantee" or "grantor". Immediately I decided there was just no way that I was going to have the time to look up all 54 of these. I opted instead to focus on my direct ancestors, or those who I had not known much about until now.

The last time I was in this office, I distinctly remember photocopying a land deed for an ancestor. However, today I noticed bright pink signs posted everywhere that the deed books were NOT to be photocopied. What I could do instead was proceed to pull up a microfilm of each item and print a copy that way. I did not have time for that, my eyes would not agree with it, and the microfilm reader was not sitting at a desk or table...but on top of a filing cabinet. A 4-drawer filing cabinet that my 5'1" body was not going to stand in front of and look up all 54 land deeds.

A bit disappointing to not leave with exactly what I instead I took notes, a few photographs of the actual deeds and made a mental note to look for someone who would be able to spend the time to pull these images for me.

All was not lost though. My day ended with a trip out of town to a little restaurant that I heard was THE place to eat for Mexican food.

Again, today was a good day...For so many reasons that I can't even begin to describe here. But there were moments where I could just lie my head back and give a contented sigh. I love days like this. They're the ones that just stay with you forever.