Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Challenge

I'm being challenged today.

I awoke this morning in my wonderfully warm bed, in my home, and was able to pull out the box of Fruit Loops and milk and eat breakfast at my dining room table. In a little while, I'll be able to go in and take a shower and put on clean clothes today. My children have done the same, and two of them have left for school. My husband also, and he is blessed to have a job to go to each day.

I'm being challenged today because in Haiti, there is devastation after an earthquake hit yesterday. The city of Port-au-Prince is said to have been mostly destroyed, and the number of lives lost will be devastating. There are families hurting because homes were destroyed, and loved ones lost.

Why do I care? Other than the fact that I'm a compassionate human being? Because the country of Haiti has always held a special place in my heart for many years. I can't even say when it began - but it was during a week at church camp (yes, THAT church camp!) when the missionary for the week was a couple from Haiti, Roro & Elaine Eustache. For whatever reason, the memory of them has stayed with me all these years. I hear about Haiti in the news, and I think of them. When I heard of the earthquake yesterday - immediately I was googling the news this morning to find out more.

I'm being challenged because of how another friend is putting his faith into action. Not because the earthquake hit and the country of Haiti needs help. It's the way my God works - to put something on my friend's heart and then watch how HE moves with it.

My household is overflowing with more toys than what my 3 children can possibly play with. Our closets are bursting at the seams with too many clothes. My shelves have DVD's (my children's and my own) that we really don't need so many of - in the words of my friend...

"They just sit there on the shelf. I thought, 'If they're still sitting there when Jesus returns and I could have sold them and used the money for ministry, how will I explain that to Jesus?'"

So yes, I'm being challenged today, and if you're reading this I'm challenging you too. I will also be Craig's Listing many of these "things" that are just taking up space in my house, and the money will be used to help bring restoration to the country of Haiti - in whatever little way that I can help. And what I can't sell will be donated through local charities to help right here within my own backyard. My children will not starve, freeze from lack of clothing, and they may even have to find a way to entertain themselves besides just sitting in front of the TV. But they will survive, and maybe....just maybe, an important lesson will be learned through this.

The book of Acts is a wonderful example of Christian living and waiting expectantly for my Lord's return. Time to move and put it into action - Thanks for the reminder, Frank!

(Note - I was able to locate Roro and his ministry, Haitian Christian Outreach )

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year

I've been slacking off on this blog - I know that all 3 of my followers are certainly suffering from Party of 5 Withdrawal. It's not for lack of trying. I log in at least every other day, sit here staring at my screen and wait for inspiration to hit me. Inspiration seems to be fleeting at the moment.

I know better than to make a New Year's resolution to "blog more"...I don't do resolutions. I don't know if it's that I just don't have the commitment level, or if it's too much pressure...I have NEVER been able to keep a resolution.

One that always creeps into my head at the beginning of the new year, is to pick up my bible more. Read that book! But after years of failed resolutions, the thought of looking at the book of just not very appealing. I've tried the chronological method too. But the book of Job and I have spent so much time together in past years, quite honestly I have no desire to start there either. After that, it just seems overwhelming to me to just "pick a spot" and start reading. I know it shouldn't be, but I want this to be a worthwhile endeavor and not a chore.

Yesterday I had passed along to me a 52 week Bible reading plan. I literally groaned inwardly at first. Oh look...ANOTHER reading plan that I can fail miserably at. But when I actually looked closer at this one, it got my attention. This one is split up, yes, 52 weeks - 7 days reading in each week. But each day is from a different section of the Bible!

Sundays - Epistles
Mondays - Law
Tuesday - History
Wednesday - Psalms
Thursday - Poetry
Friday - Prophecy
Saturday - Gospels

This just may have enough variation to keep my short attention span from flying out the window! Granted, I'm already a week behind...but give me a break! I just got it yesterday! Now if you'll excuse me, I have some reading to do....

(And if you're interested.... )